29 August - Putrajaya, the Federal Government’s new administrative capital is launched by the then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. 1 November - The Prime Minister announces that the country has embarked on an ambitious programme to establish the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia) stretching from Kuala Lumpur City Centre to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang


2 April - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) agrees to set up research and development (R&D) operations within the MSC Malaysia. 5 June - The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is set up to oversee the implementation of the MSC Malaysia. 1 August - Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir launches the MSC Malaysia at the inaugural Multimedia Asia Conference and Exhibition’ 96. He also launches the MDeC, to be established with a board of 11 directors. 6 August - The cabinet directs the implementation of key infrastructural requirements of the MSC Malaysia, including the backbone network, the telecommunications network, cyberlaws, the Bill of Guarantees, and the hiring of knowledge workers. 1 September - The Prime Industries Minister Secretary General, the late Tan Sri Dato Dr. Othman Yeop Abdullah is appointed Chairman of MDeC. 2 October - The Malaysian Cabinet directs the Ministry of Education to prepare for the establishment of the Multimedia University. 5th December-Sun Microsystems is the first company to be granted MSC-status 12 December - The first Implementation Council Meeting (ICM) chaired by the Prime Minister


13 January - The then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir heads an investment mission to the United States of America and Japan, and holds meetings with world IT leaders including Bill Gates, Scott McNeally, James Barksdale, Eckhard Pfeifer, Stan Shih, John Chambers and Nobuyuki Idei. 16 January - The International Advisory Panel (IAP) for the MSC Malaysia met for its first meeting chaired by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the Gates Building of Stanford University, California, USA. 12 March - Cabinet announces decision to have University Telekom or Unitele set up its multimedia faculty in the country’s first intelligent city, Cyberjaya, marking the beginnings of the Multimedia University. April - The Digital Signature Act 1997, Copyright Act 1987 (Amendments), Computer Crimes Act 1997 and Telemedicine Act 1997 are passed by Parliament. 17 May - The Prime Minister performs the Groundbreaking ceremony at Cyberjaya, officially launching Malaysia’s first intelligent city. 26 July - The Prime Minister launches the Concept Request For Proposals (CRFPs) for the Flagship Applications, namely Electronic Government, Multi-Purpose Card, Smart Schools and Telemedicine. 29 October - Datuk Law Hieng Ding, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, launches the MSC Malaysia Research and Development Grant Scheme (MGS)



18th – 19 February - The Second International Advisory Panel Meeting, chaired by the then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was held at Cyberview Lodge. 16 July - Redtone Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (formerly known as VMS Technology Sdn Bhd) becomes the first MSC Malaysia Research and Development Grant (MGS) recipient.


15 February - Signing ceremony for the establishment of the Asia-Pacific MSC Malaysia Information Technology and Telecommunications Award (APMITTA) between MDeC, Australia-based Asia Pacific Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards and Asia-Pacific Information Technology Awards of Malaysia. APMITTA is now currently known as MSC Malaysia-APICTA (MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards) 29 June - Launch of Smart Labs of MDeC-adopted schools – Sekolah Menengah Dengkil and Sekolah Kebangsaan Dengkil – by Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Hj. Abdul Razak, Minister of Education. 8 July - Official opening of Cyberjaya – Malaysia’s Premier Intelligent City by the Prime Minister 8th – 10 July - 3rd MSC Malaysia International Advisory Panel Meeting at MDeC Headquarters, Cyberjaya, chaired by the then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir. Official opening of Multimedia University by the PM. Official opening of NTT MSC Malaysia Research and Development Centre in Cyberjaya by the PM. 27 July - Official opening of MSC Malaysia Central Incubator by Minister of Entrepreneur Development , Dato Mustapa Mohamad at the MSC Malaysia Central Incubator, Cyberjaya.


20 January - Telemedicine signing ceremony between MSC Malaysia and the Ministry of Health, witnessed by Health Minister Dato Chua Jui Meng. 23 May - The e-Services project was launched with online services for utilities, e.g: TNB and Telekom bill payments and checking JPJ/ PDRM summons. 5 September - The World’s 1st Multipurpose Smart Card issued to then PM, Tun Dr. Mahathir during MSC Malaysia Expo 2000. 7th – 8 September - 4th International Advisory Panel Meeting



23 August - 500th MSC Malaysia-Status company certificate presentation to Biodata Information Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. 5 September - Government Multipurpose Smart Card (GMPC) brand MyKad officially launched by the then Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi


29 January - Official Announcement - Renaming of APMITTA (Asia Pacific MSC Malaysia IT & T Award) to MSC Malaysia - APICTA (MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards) 15 July - Launching of Smart School Training for Teachers from Lao PDR, Myanmar and the Philippines 23 July - MoU Signing Ceremony between MDeC & PIKOM (Persatuan Industri Komputer dan Multimedia Malaysia) for bid of WCIT 2008 5th - 7 September - 6th International Advisory Panel Meeting (IAP) 6 September - Launch of the MSC Malaysia Flagship Centre (now known as MSC Malaysia Innovation Centre) comprising Creative Application Development Centre (CADC) and Solution and Assessment Development Centre (SADC) in Cyberjaya.


28 February - The Bankcard is officially launched by the government 1 May - Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Othman Yeop Abdullah’s (former Executive Chairman) last working day in MDeC 16 June - YBhg Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali is appointed as the Chairman of MDeC 15 July - Official announcement of Malaysia to host the World Congress on Information Technology (WICT) 2008 1 September - YBhg Datuk Dr Mohamed Arif Nun was appointed as CEO of MDeC 4 September - 7th MSC Malaysia-International Advisory Panel (IAP) Meeting. 5 September - MSC Malaysia-Launch of Phase II (In Phase 1 (1996-2003), the MSC Malaysia was successfully created. Every milestone set for Phase 1 was surpassed. In Phase 2, a web of similar corridors will be established in Malaysia, and a global framework of cyberlaws will be passed) Web of corridors 250 world class companies Set global standarts in flagship applications Leadership towards harmonised global framework of cyberlaws 4-5 intelligent cities linked together global cybercities Build viable ICT Industry The development of an entirely new sector for ICT - SSO companies Total of 220 SSO Companies



28 March - The current Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi announces the new Cabinet reshuffle, restructuring of the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia into Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications. MDeC is subsequently gazetted as one the agencies under the revived Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations, in which all ICT related matters have been set under the purview of MOSTI, previously known as the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. 3 July - The launch of the MyMalaysiaMyMSC Malaysia programme and The MSC Malaysia Next Leap at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). The MyMalaysia My MSC Malaysia is a nationwide program, to educate the masses on how MSC Malaysia can enrich their lives. The launch of the MSC Malaysia Next Leap,will cover the period 2004 – 2010. With the achievement of Phase 1, The Next Leap will focus on rolling out the initiative to the rests of the country. The Prime Minister officially announces the decision to roll out the MSC Malaysia initially to Penang and Kulim High Tech, as well as 10,000 schools to be made into “Smart Schools” within 2 years time. 2 – 4 September 8th IAP Meeting - 2 fresh elements were added to the IAP Meeting – the MSC Malaysia Technopreneur Forum and the MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Week. The meeting was also divided into 2 parts: The IAP Meeting and Breakout Sessions. For the first time, it was chaired by the Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi and held for the first time at Putrajaya. Saladin The animation series was produced by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) with partnership with a Hollywood scriptwriter, Guy Magar in 2004


29 January - The successful roll-out of the MSC Malaysia, marked by the official declaration by the Prime Minister on the conferment of the MSC Malaysia cybercity status to the Penang state. 28 March - Launch of Malaysia Research & Education Network (MYREN) to proliferate the R&D capacity amongst the Malaysian research communities 8-10 September - The 9th MSC Malaysia International Advisory Panel Meeting (IAP) - held for the first time outside the central MSC Malaysia zone in its latest MSC Malaysia Cybercity - Bayan Lepas, Penang. Penang’s Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon addressed the meeting promoting Penang as an attractive location for MSC Malaysia Status Companies and potential investors. 31 Dec - Retirement of Y Bhg Datuk Dr Mohamed Arif Nun, MDeC CEO



16 January - Appointment of Encik Badlisham Ghazali as new CEO of MDeC 9 February - The KL Sentral building is awarded a new status, that of a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia) Cybercentre. The MSC Malaysia Cybercentre is defined as a building or complex with basic enabling environment offering the (or partial of) 10-point MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees. 16 February - Penang MSC Malaysia Cybercity was awarded the ISO 9001:2000, making it the pioneer ISO certified MSC Malaysia Cybercity Management 7 April - Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi launches the MSC Malaysia 10th Anniversary celebrations and the MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Content Initiative. During the event, the PM reveals the new refreshed brand identities for the MSC Malaysia and MDeC. From this date onwards, the MSC is called MSC Malaysia and MDC is re-branded as MDeC. 7 December - The Klang Valley metropolitan area has been given Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status area by the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The award of these Cybercentres will be given on a stage-by-stage basis, where the first Klang Valley awarded Cybercentre is the Plaza Sentral in the heart of KL Sentral.


17 - 19 May - 10th International Advisory Panel (IAP) meeting was held in the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. 28 IAP members from all over the world attended to advise the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the global development of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).




In 2009, MDEC launched the ‘Senang Dengan ICT’ (SDICT) campaign which was a series of success stories of people benefitting from ICT. Some of them you might be familiar with, such as Nizam Razak (former Executive Director of Les’ Copaque), the late Azli Paat (Founder of DAPAT Vista) and Bob Chua (Founder and CEO of Pulse Group).



End of phase 2 October- During ICM MDeC has been task to develop the Innovative Digital Economy (IDE) Framework


Dedicated Transportation System (DTS) is the first in the world which utilises the Global Positioning System (GPS) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)in the buses to cater for Cyberjaya knowledge workers 17th May 2011GSIACDigital Malaysia was announced by YAB PM during the Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council (GSIAC) Meeting in New York in May, 2011. YAB PM mentioned that Malaysia will build an ecosystem that promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the economy to create communities connected globally & interacting in real time.Subsequent to that, PEMANDU was instructed to work with MDeC to organize DM Lab to ideate key initiatives to realise the aspirations of Digital Malaysia. 18th July 2011 - 19 August 2011 (5 weeks)DM Labs1.DM Lab Steering Committee was established led by MDeC with representation from PEMANDU, MOSTI, MAMPU, EPU, MOF and PMO. 23 August 2011NITC MeetingThe NITC meeting was updated on the Digital Malaysia initiative and outcomes of DM Labs. Meeting also noted that MDeC has developed the Innovative Digital Economy framework which forms the basis for Digital Malaysia. 17th October 2011- The 9 EPPs are: i.Asian e-Fulfillment Hub ii.Enabling ePayment Services for SMEs and Micro Enterprises iii.Develop on Demand Customised Online Education iv.Microsourcing v.Facilitating Societal Upliftment vi.Mobile Digital Wallet vii.Grow Embedded Systems Industry viii.Shared Cloud Enterprise Services ix.Curb Illegal Gaming (White Project) 19th October 20112 3rd MSC Malaysia Implementation Council Meeting (ICM) 1.In the 23rd MSC Malaysia Implementation Council Meeting, MDeC was mandated to implement Digital Malaysia. 17th October 2011Cabinet WorkshopDigital Malaysia was presented to the Cabinet Members through a Cabinet Workshop organized by PEMANDU. The Cabinet Members took note of the following: 1.Digital Malaysia as part of Malaysia’s National Transformation Agenda 2.MDeC’s mandate as the lead of Digital Malaysia 3.Digital Malaysia’s aspirational goals 4.10 DM EPPs of which 9 will be implemented beginning 2012 5.The governance and reporting structure and the steering committee chaired by YB Minister of MOSTI* 6.Establishment of DM Satellite Account to be led by MoF; supported by EPU, MOSTI, DOS and various relevant stakeholders, and 7.Subsequent ideation workshops for new EPPs



DESA was launched


Launch of Domorelah Campaign NDC GES


June-Dato Badlisham moved to MAHB September-Dato Yasmin Mahmood was appointed as the CEO of MDeC


27th April 2015-The 12th DM SC Meeting was convened and chaired by YBM KKMM. The meeting was reminded again that the Vision of Digital Malaysia is to develop a digital nation that is fully supported by a sustainable digital economy built upon a vibrant domestic ICT industry, transformative use of digital solutions by government, businesses and citizens, as well as a robust enabling ecosystem. The meeting discussed next key moves in shaping and driving Digital Malaysia in pursue of the follow desired national impact: i. A vibrant ICT Industry ii. Transformative Adoption of ICT by All (Government, Businesses and Citizens) iii. Sustainable through a Robust Enabling Ecosystem The above aspirations form the three key components of Digital Malaysia namely Industry Development, Digital Transformation and Enabling Environment. These aspirations require multi-stakeholders collaboration and concerted effort. Digital Malaysia target for Digital Economy Contribution to GDP is 18.3% by Year 2020 (this was adopted and announced in the RMK-11 Plan) Open Data Big Data Week eRezeki Mycybersale eUsahawan SV Immersion


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